Our site is not directing to our site

Our site is not directing to our site

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Hi @kim5459,

Can you give some more information, please?

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Our site official domain name is: koreaweeklyfl.com
When we click koreaweelyfl.com, it does not come up.
It is not directing to koreaweeklyfl.com, but to koreaweeklyfl.com/news

So is koreaweeklyfl.com supposed to redirect to koreaweeklyfl.com/news or is it supposed to serve a different page?

If it’s supposed to redirect, you can configure that at Cludflare under Rules → Page Rules.

If it’s supposed to serve a page, you will need to fix that on your server. There seems to be some kind of WordPress problem, which doesn’t look to be Cloudflare related.

When I got to that domain, I get a PHP error, but if I go to /news, it works.

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yeah, it is working /news. But I need just .com

Cloudflare doesn’t run PHP. That error is coming from your server.

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Same as @sdayman result, you will see which file and line number cause the PHP errors, correct it to:
__DIR__ . '/wp-load.php' instead of '__DIR__ /wp-load.php'

How can I do this. I am a novice for Php. Our programer quited his job.

I don’t know why your “programer” modifying the Wordpress core and leave a wrong PHP syntax at that file, but you can make a backup of your current state and go to your admin Dashboard, then Updates and reinstall Wordpress core by "Re-install version your-current-wp-version" button. Keep your backup safe if something wrong.

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