Our site is not accessible via some internet providers


We are having some routing problems with the domain ‘promokit.com.br’. It’s not accessible in Brazil using the internet providers Vivo and Claro, but it is accessed ok via the others providers. We have another domain ‘meucardapio.ai’ pointing to the same server, and this domain has no issues.

It seems only our site is affected, so it maybe some kind of routing problem internal to Cloudflare. Can someone help us, what could we do? Would argo solve this kind of problem?

I tried loading your site and it took over 2 minutes. You may want to try another IP set for your Cloudflare proxy because the issue seems to be happening still.

Some of Cloudflares IPs are blocked for some ISP or have timeout issues and generally slow performance. When you encounter such issues you can try another Cloudflare IP(s) as a temporary solution and retry every few months until it’s working again with your zones regular assigned :orange: IPs.

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