Our site is apparently using cloudflare, but we have no access

Hi there,

we are having horrendous issues with a client site with regard caching missing images and all sorts and find out that in September the nameservers were changed to those below. We have no knowledge of using the CF platform, nor do we really want to use it. the site is on WordPress and I can’t see any plugins for CF although on a waterfall view there are calls to Cloudflare.


My question is

  1. how do we find out how to access the account,
  2. How do we simply stop using Cloudflare or at the very least regain control of our site connection to cloudflare

thanks in advance?

Your best bet is to go to your domain registrar and re-point the name servers to the ones your web host recommends. This will completely bypass whatever Cloudflare setup your domain currently uses.

As for the first question, there’s no easy way to find out what your Cloudflare account is if you don’t recall ever setting it up. The only way is to comb through any possible email accounts for messages from Cloudflare.

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What about the calls from the site will they stop when the nameservers re changed or could it cause issues.?

If you change the name servers back to the ones your host recommends, your site should go back to “normal” – An unmodified connection from visitors to your site.

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