Our server in Frankfurt (Germany, EU) is being proxied from the Newark, NJ (US) datacenter

Ok, I went thru this thread and the conclusion is off-putting, to say the least: https://telekomhilft.telekom.de/t5/Festnetz-Internet/3-Tage-Cloudflare-Probleme/td-p/6313070

Here is a summary of my findings:


  1. First and foremost can we get an official answer to this: Is a paid plan required now to properly service ALL users in the EU including customers of DTAG? If so, which plan do we need?

  2. Is it possible for Cloudflare to provide us additional information regarding the dispute with DTAG? If there is non-confidential information available, it should be made public, so customers can put pressure on DTAG, and in case they want to file a complaint with the EU regulatory body to get them to investigate a possible breach of consumer rights.

  3. As Cloudflare basically have a monopoly in providing reverse proxy/ddos protection services free of charge for websites, does it consider itself a gatekeeper to a huge portion of the internet?

Looking forward to getting official answers if possible. Thank you in advance!