Our scrap server will be blocked in the paid plan

Hello, I’m the technical account manager of Kakao Developers.

There was an inquiry that Kakao’s scrap server seems to be blocked if you use your paid plan. From our client.
When you enter a URL from our messenger product, the scrap server creates a preview image of the website.

When our scrap server accesses the https://goldenhand.pro/arts/3UVigKo4uN address, requests are often blocked.

We will provide you with our user-agent and IP address below.
I’d appreciate it if you could check.

facebookexternalhit/1.1; kakaotalk-scrap/1.0; +https://devtalk.kakao.com/t/scrap/33984

IP Address Link

What you need is to fill out this form to submit your bot for the “good bots” list:

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