Our previous website developer disappeared

Hello! We are attempting to gain access to our Cloudflare account for our business website which was being managed under a previous developer’s account. He has disappeared and is no longer reachable and we now have no way to access our site. We have a migration planned this evening to move our site from WordPress to Shopify and needs to gain access urgently to move the DNS. Cloudflare support is quite impossible to reach. Can anyone assist with tips on how to access our account?

Thank you in advance for your help!



Hello! Thank you so much for the response. How would you recommend we circumvent this? Should we register the website under our new Cloudflare account? We need to gain access to perform the migration! We really appreciate your help as we are very new to this.


There would be no ways to “circumvent” it, if it is really on your previous developer’s own account, as your first post indicate.

In that case, the only alternative would be the procedure mentioned in the linked thread above.

You would gain access to control the domain going forward with the referenced procedures, but all the previous settings would (unfortunately) be lost.

Given a “migration” is planned, it doesn’t sound like losing the previous settings might be a such big deal after all?

If your previous employee/developer, let’s say John Doe, had the email address [email protected] (example.com being your organisation’s domain), you could always try to re-enable [email protected], for example by having that address forward it’s messages to you.

Once you’re certain you’ve re-enabled so you can receive messages sent to any previous addresses/aliases that that John Doe might have had, you would go to this link:


Here you insert your domain (example.com), within a few moments, you should eventually receive a message, assuming that the previous Cloudflare

If you do not receive anything with this procedure, the current account is likely gone forever (due to being the old developer’s own, and not in any way yours).

In that case, you would would have to move on with the procedures mentioned in the thread I linked above, which would be by creating a new account, and though your domain registrar adjust the name servers to match the ones assigned for your domain, in the newly created account.

The mentioned “domain registrar” would be the place you pay the yearly fees for your domain to.

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Thank you so much - this is so helpful! We will have a go at it:)

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Glad I could help. :slight_smile:

Good luck!

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