Our paid Business domain was suddenly deleted, now I don't have access to support

Back in October 2023 we paid for a year of the Business plan for our company domain. We’ve been struggling to get our registrar to “unlock” our domain so I can update the DNS to point to Cloudflare, but in the meantime other projects have taken priority so it’s been on the back-burner.

Then, without warning, about a week ago on 3/9/2024 I received an automated email from Cloudflare that our our domain “has been deleted”.

I was able to recover the domain and all the DNS zone entries by manually re-adding the domain name in the portal, but the Business plan that was attached to it is now lost and the domain is considered “Free”.

I submitted a support ticket but because the domain is now considered Free, I received an automated response stating the only support I can get is from this community forum.

I’ve tried calling to speak with someone for help, but being able to reach a human is completely firewalled off, and even this morning I tried to call sales but my call was directed to an answering machine.

Can anyone suggest how to reach someone in the billing or support department, so I can receive the support I paid for?


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I’m sorry to hear that you have encountered difficulty with your Cloudflare subscription. If you share your ticket number here, we can request that it be re-opened and routed to the correct specialists.

Thank you. The ticket # is 3184070

I also reached out for help this morning on Discord too. I provided to a rep on there with the ticket # as well, who said they had escalated it on my behalf. I haven’t heard anything since, though.

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Your escalation request here in the Community will link this topic and your ticket. You should hear from someone once they are available.

Hi there, the ticket has been escalated to the Billing Team. They will keep you updated through the ticket

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It’s been several days since I raised this issue, and still no resolution. The only responses I get to emails regarding my ticket is an “Engineering team” is trying to figure out how to resolve the issue.

What is there to figure out? It’s easy–we’re a paid customer, change the domain back to the Business plan we paid for. Why is that taking days to figure out?

Is there any way someone can please contact me via phone?

It is very likely that you were affected by this billing related incident and the resolution may be more complicated than you perceive.

Cloudflare staff will respond to you via your support request when there is an update. Phone support is not a feature of the Business subscription.

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Hi @dieter.kedrowitsch,

Apologies for taking such a long time to resolve your issues.
Our Billing Team is still working with you on the ticket, and I know that it has not been ideal.

Support Team is not able to make any calls on this either.
Please allow our Billing Team to get it right for you.

I will close this thread here.

Apologies and hope the trouble gets resolved soon.
Thank you.