Our pages are not reachable from Germany


we have big problems with our domains running behind the Cloudflare proxy in Germany / FRA node. For some reasons customers from the US and Europe (except Germany) are able to visit our pages. Our hosting company said that there must be an issue with “Versatel” & Cloudflare, an ISP in Germany.

If I try to reach an unproxied sub domain (grey cloud) everything works fine. Cloudflares orange cloud records are still producing a timeout from Germany.

Help please :open_mouth:

I’m getting 526 (invalid SSL at source) and 522 (origin timed out) errors.

At a specific domain from us?

You didn’t list any in your post, so I tested your dgtl domain.

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Seems to be solved. Works for me via FRA.

Yes it is working right now, but not from our normal server.
We transferred everything onto another, new host with new ip, … For now it is working, but Cloudflare still does not get a connection to our old server.

So, if anyone has another idea, why this is happening and cloudflare is not able to reach our old server ip address, please feel free to let us know.

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