Our online travel company destination and hotel pages take minutes to load, SEEKING HELP URGENTLY

Requesting someone’s very kind assistance. We are a Cloudflare client (Pro only) for 5 years, suspecting we should be on Business. We are an online travel company (think booking.com for similarity). Our clients are global residents booking hotels on our site and our automated system. https://stafftravel.voyage/ Our huge issue is that our ‘destination pages’ that show lead in boxes of our hotels in these destinations, are taking several minutes to load when called upon by clients, but only for destinations where we have lots of hotels. For example try to load Destination Mexico, Maldives or United Arab Emirates from the menu drop down of destinations. For us they take an eternity, on occasions they do not, we feel we are losing clients massively of late, but none of us understand it all.

If anyone out of the kindness of their heart could take a look and recommend what we should be doing, and might we be configured completely wrongly. We suspect upgrading to Business is one of the things but have never been told to do so by out IT team in India who just tell us the destination pages take a long time to load because there are lots (30-40) hotels per destination page…but this seem lunacy to us…and never used to be the case…we have around 50,000 users and 300,000 page views per month from our global clients).

It seems we click on a destination and it takes 2-3 minutes to load literally, but then we try again and it loads immediately…is this because it is in ‘our home’ computer cache or because someone has opened it in the Cloudflare cache and therefore it stays fast for 30 seconds until someone else loads it somewhere else? Hece only one client per 30 minutes experiences a delay and then the rest don not?

Also maybe we should have our pictures saved and propagated by Cloudflare. Maybe we should upgrade and/or speak to cloud flare at length about what we should be doing.

If ay soul out there is happy to give us some advice it would be much appreciated!

Does your server IP address end in 254?

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Use a vps, use apo if using wordpress. Use Argo tunnel

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