Our NS already pointing to cloudflare, no verification after more than 48 hours

Changed DNS records are propagated. How come it’s taking so long?


~ whois beagle.academy | grep -i server
Registrar WHOIS Server: whois.1api.net
Name Server: ns26.ns26.de
Name Server: ns27.ns27.de
Name Server: ns28.ns28.de

It does not look like your site is on cloudflare at the moment. You will need to change your nameservers (remove them all) and replace with the two that Cloudflare shows on the DNS tab of your cloudflare dashboard. If you’ve changed them, there may be reasons they are not yet showing up, check out the Quick Fix Ideas in this CommunityTip.


Hi, I’ve actually changed our DNS records in our cPanel, they’re not

Name Server: ns26.ns26. de
Name Server: ns27.ns27. de
Name Server: ns28.ns28. de

anymore. Do I need to change them elsewhere?

What you did was to create NS records for the Cloudflare nameservers with your current nameservers. That’s not what you need to do, you need to go into your registrars settings and change the authoritative nameservers.

You can see in the info below that the Cloudflare NS record is reported by ns27.ns27.de, but ns26/27/28 need to be removed from the chain.

beagle.academy.         3600    IN      NS      ns27.ns27.de.
beagle.academy.         3600    IN      NS      ns26.ns26.de.
beagle.academy.         3600    IN      NS      ns28.ns28.de.
;; Received 117 bytes from in 28 ms

beagle.academy.         86400   IN      NS      zahir.ns.cloudflare.com.
beagle.academy.         86400   IN      NS      naomi.ns.cloudflare.com.
;; Received 100 bytes from 2a01:130:2000:118:89:146:248:70#53(ns27.ns27.de) in 32 ms
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Ok, after changing in the registrar do I need to revert the NS records I edited in the cPanel to those?

Name Server: ns26.ns26. de
Name Server: ns27.ns27. de
Name Server: ns28.ns28. de

After you change the nameservers, you manage your DNS entries in Cloudflare.
Nothing you do in cPanel will matter anymore.


Do I need to change our Nameservers even if I only want to use Cloudflare CDN? I don’t want to lose our current hosting.

You need to ensure that all of your existing DNS records in your current DNS provider exist in Cloudflare prior to changing your nameservers.

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