Our IP has been blacklisted


So we made a mistake thinking we could put the SDGE website up on our NOC monitors with a refresh so we can actively see power outages in the area. After a few days, our companies public IP address was blocked by SDGE’s Cloudflare vendor. Since then, I have reached out to both companies looking to have our IP removed from their blacklist but no one has taken ownership to assist. How do we go about getting this resolved through Cloudflare since SDGE does not have a customer facing tech support or network support. No responses from [email protected] either.

Reference: [Cloudflare Support] 2334227

Cloudflare doesn’t manage the security settings of its customers. The decision to block / allow a particular IP is managed by the customer and Cloudflare cannot make changes to their settings. Unfortunately SDGE would need to remove/ modify the blocking criteria if they choose.


Since SDGE doesnt have a customer facing department to contact for this type of request and anyone on their customer support contact seems lost, could Cloudflare forward my notification to SDGE asking that someone from their network team starts a dialog with me at the email contact provided?

Someone finally unblocked us. Thank you for the support!

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