Our IP address black listed?

Hello everybody,
I am running a small organization in St-Petersburg, Russia.

Our organization is renting dedicated IP address from our local provider here. The address is: {redacted}
The problem is that during the last month (or so) when anyone from our local network browse the Internet using any device - we almost instantly get CloudFlare CAPTCHA before the site loads, which makes working process slow and frustrating.

Honestly, I have no idea how the system like CloudFlare is working.
But it can’t be a coincidence that the 50% websites we browse from our office every day (both local and international sites) just blocked our address out of the blue one day?
Which brings me further - probably our IP address has got into some kind of black list, general for all the websites connected to CloudFlare system? That’s why we have been blocked all over the world?

Maybe I am not addressing my message to the right place, but anyway, someone has any ideas how to get rid of that? Solving captcha’s on 50% sites you visit every day is really annoying.

Thanks for help.

One solution would be change your server ip to a US or European based Ip. This can be done through server hosting and it’s called IP switching. Hope that helps.

Your IP address is in FireHOL’s list of proxies. Some additional searching reveals that it was almost certainly running a web proxy at some point. That’s definitely enough to get you blacklisted by just about everyone. If you weren’t intentionally running a proxy, there’s a good chance that you’ve been compromised–and, judging by what services and devices I see for your IP address, I think that’s a strong possibility.


Dear Zenexer, thank you for your advice. I went through some researches and found out that you were completely right.

It turned out, there were a web-proxy running at one of our network devices which was not supposed to be there. I am not sure if that was a hackers invasion or just incompetence of network administration team. We are going to fix these issues in our information security here immediately.

One more additional question for you, in case if you maybe know. How much time approximately it would be taken to remove IP address from FireHOL’s list of proxies since we stopped that proxy service?

It can vary widely. You have a lot of services running on that IP address that probably shouldn’t be publicly accessible, so you’re probably going to keep ending up on blacklists. You should consult a security professional.

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