Our firewall rule is JsChallenge, but Cloudflare displays Captcha for users

Like title.
We configured out firewall rule for https://marketplace.axieinfinity.com/ that it should pass JsChallenge. However Cloudflare always display the Captcha for user to solve.

Any idea why? Thanks.

I’m getting a JSChallenge when I visit that site.

It’s possible that your Firewall Security Level is presenting a Captcha before your Firewall rule though

From the log, some of the requests get JsChallenge, some get Challenge (I assume it’s Captcha). The security level is set to Essentially off. So I’m not sure where else to look for.

From the Activity log, your Firewall rules are the one that issued the challenge to your visitors.

Perhaps you can check what Firewall rules you’ve configured?

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This is the configuration of the Firewall rule.

Do you have more than one firewall rules created in the dashboard?

Also, kindly provide a screenshot that shows the detailed activity of requests who got challenged instead of JS challenged. Just click on one activity log and it will expand the list of details.

We don’t have any other rules related to that domain. Moreover, all other rules use JsChallenge as well.
This is the log of a Challenge case:

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This looks like a bug to me. You should open a support ticket (Help link at the top of this page, log in, My Activities > Submit a request > Get more help). If you paste the ticket number here, it makes it easier for CF staff in the community to reference it and follow it up.

cc: @cloonan

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