Our domain doesn't resolve at the Cloudflare DNS

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I’ve searched for an answer on this but this seems so specific to our domain that there isn’t a way to find an answer? And I’ve only joined the community to resolve this issue as a doofus, untrained lower tier IT help support person for our NGO org.

Our domain, www.rc.org, doesn’t resolve with DNS Some of our org tech people who have more skills than I have found that the domain is being filtered for reasons that we cannot fathom considering that we don’t show up in blacklist sites or really don’t have content that should be considered objectionable. It’s merely an international community that organizes around social issues.

Could someone, anyone at Cloudflare explain what might be going on? Thank you. And FWIW, I might have to be a go-between since I never get to do high-function IT work as our org doesn’t really demand it of me. Am more of a help-desk kinda guy so tailor your answers like Denzel Washington explaining it like I’m a 6 year-old.

Our questions are: Who is managing the filter that we ran into? And can this person or organization be persuaded to stop blocking rc.org?


Seems to work fine for me

nslookup www.rc.org
Server:  one.one.one.one

Non-authoritative answer:
Name:    www.rc.org

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