Our customers can no longer change plans them selves


we’ve been a happy Hosting partner to CF for the last 10 years.
Our customer have had the ability to add their credit card, change plans and buy whatever features they want within the dashboard.
About a month ago this suddenly stopped working. All “change plans” button are disabled and I can see in the XHR response error like “no active core subscription”.
Customer are not happy.

I have a support ticket open but with very little helpful information. (2148540)

Anyone know why this suddenly changed?
Has there been any communication about this change?
I have checked with two other hosting partners I know of and they have the same problem.
Any changes like should clearly be communicated imho so we can notify our customers about this these kind of changes.

I have not received any solutions on how to help customers. One customer right now is depending on PRO plan for their go live so they need to start look at alternatives which is frustrating.

Hi there,

I’ve asked our partners team about this and asked them to reply to you if they have more information about this. Please tag me (@tklein) if you don’t get a reply within the next 2-3 days.



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Hi @TKlein
regarding Our customers can no longer change plans them selves

Still this is not moving a long.
The answers in the ticket I got 17h is still not satisfying. No help what so ever on why this change was made, without any communications happening nor what to do to resolve it.

As before, this has been working for 10 years. CF is still happily taking thousands of $$ every month for something that “we” as a partner apparently is not providing.

We’ve been happy promoters of CF for just as long, but right now it’s making both us and CF look bad and we cannot provide any answers nor help.

One client being half way into project cannot even get a proper WAF setup as they cannot get onto Pro. They managed to get 1 out of 5 domains to Pro before you made the change, and paying $3 per user in Access/Teams as well doesnät seem to be a problem…

I am also very upset about this matter. I am the owner of the account and do not even have customers on my account. After my billing occurred I wanted to change my subscription and to my biggest shock could not do so. After contacting support their answer was that I should contact my partner but I am the partner! How can you adjust my profile if I do not even have a partner to contact. This is very upsetting to me

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