Our company is a client of SaaS who says that they're using CF enterprise plan

But I doubt they’re not, or at least not currently. I have used CF, free plan and business plan, so I know I can detect if a site is behind CF or not. But about enterprise plan, I can not be sure, is there a way that I can make sure of it?

Try on your site uploading ~500MB of data when behind CF Enterprise via a script i.e. php

The upload limits are

  • CF Free & Pro = 100MB
  • CF Biz = 200MB
  • CF Enterprise = 500MB

though they all default to 100MB with option to increase to 500MB on Enterprise if your SaaS provider has set it.

or check your web analytics, Enterprise can have 30 minute period displayed with 1 minute intervals

Check Firewall rules quota, Enterprise get much higher 1000 active firewall rules allowed

Rate limit rules on Enterprise allow per second custom inputs as well as 1 second for request rate instead of 1min and 10 min i.e. 33 seconds

In additional to cache purge by url, Enterprise can purge cache by hostname or custom cache-tag headers



Thanks, that’s great.
It’s a SaaS like shopify, so I dont think i can upload a file that large. Now I want to make the question more specific. If I think they have not used any version of CF, is something like a builtwith screenshot enough to tell? Thanks.

I presume your are doing a CNAME to their host. If the host resolves to Cloudflare then they are most likely using the Custom Hostnames feature to have certificates issued for third party sites, which is enterprise only.

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