Our Azure app (WestEU) when accessed via CloudFlare proxy is suddenly terribly slow today 31.5.2023

Just checking if this is a know issue and investigated.

This is our app. Located in Azure WestEU
Load times are long seconds what used to be miliseconds. I see some issue
in US, but we are in EU. Is that related and investigated?
No need to reply if you work on that already.

Kind regards


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We also had the same issues with our .com website and app (hosted in the UK). It was running super slow and then went down for a minute and then continued to run slowly until the issue at Cloudflare was resolved. This happened between 07:30 UTC and 09:30 UTC. I checked with our hosts who said there were no issues at their end and to check with Cloudflare.

I checked the Cloudflare website and they did indeed have issues this morning between those hours but it said only APAC and SAM regions were affected so I have no idea where our site (and yours) were affected. I have raised a ticket with Cloudflare as we shouldn’t really be affected by other region outages unless Cloudflare reported this issues incorrectly.

Thanks for info. We have two apps. One hosted in Azure WestEU (Amsterdam) the other in EastUS. Both on .histruct.com domain.
Testing access from EU, the EU is still kind of slow, but the one hosted in US (accessed from EU) feels alright all the time.

So it looks like a problem when the content server is hosted in EU.

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Same issue web site in Azure WestEU behind cloudflare proxy is slow. Direct access to azurewebsites .net domain works ok. customers not happy

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We are on the free plan so far. (relatively low traffic and not too many users)
But I would be curious if paid plans have different or the same experience today. :thinking:
My gut feeling says that is is broken for everybody in the same region, but want to somehow confirm that.

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