Our API blocked by cloudflare

We are getting net:ERR_FAILED error while trying to access our web site’s API.

Cloudflare blocks it

Yesterday I set up page rules to allow all API calls to pass through:

Browser Integrity Check: Off, Always Online: Off, Security Level: Essentially Off, Cache Level: Bypass”

but it did not help.

site is beeing blocked but Firewall doesn’t show anything in activity log !! :frowning:

What else can be done? HOW TO TURN OFF this checks on Cloudflare?

here is one more screen shot

If you temporarily turn the DNS record for api to a grey cloud :grey: (click the orange cloud :orange:), does this still happen?

The error in console has to do with the browser preventing access to requests without CORS headers; CF is completely compatible with CORS and OPTIONS requests so the issue is most likely your API not handling CORS correctly (or at all).

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the problem is – it is happening very randomly. Some client expierence it all the time, I nevr can see it happening on my machine, it is always works for me

when I turned off grey cloud for API – it became worse:

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