Our account has been suspended

3 days after I purchased our sixth domain in Cloudflare, our account suddenly suspended for a possible Terms of Service violation. Which is I dont understand, we are already running our other websites for weeks and it’s only happening now. And we strongly believed that we don’t voilate any terms. Does anyone of you know how many hours/days we can wait before they restore our account? We already open a ticket but they just keep on passing us to other departments.

I see your ticket 2564320 from two hours ago that was routed to the Trust & Safety team. Was there another ticket where we keep routing you in circles? If so, let me know and we’ll get that over to T&S as well.

The best solution is to follow the directions in the email you received indicating to ask questions directly to the T&S team at [email protected]. Neither this Community, nor Support, can assist once your questions have been escalated to the T&S team.

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