OTP not sent to any allows email except my own

Hi All,

I have recently set up Cloudflare access to restrict access to some of my internal apps. Great service and features, however I cannot get OTP to work reliably.

I have setup a policy to restrict one of my apps as follows:
Include: Everyone
Decision: Allow
Require: Emails = [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

The only user that I have been able to receive a OTP password for is my gmail. Every other email on the allow list receives nothing at all.

Does anyone have any ideas?

Hi @user1107,

Did you manage to get this working in the end? We have seen similar issues before and it’s usually when using custom domain emails and the receiving server rejecting the emails. Have seen this a few times specifically with ionos.

Are they custom domain emails and if so, are you able to get access to the email logs for them?

I see that you used a “require” rule to add allowed emails, but you’re supposed to use an “include” rule. I have OTP working on my account with the emails in an include rule.