Otimização automática de plataformas para o WordPress

Olá gostaria de opinião de todos se possível.
Uso o Wordpress + Clouflare free + LiteSpeed Cache

Gostaria de sabe se eu comprar essa otimização automática vai mudar alguma coisa.


I use a similar setup: LiteSpeed Cache (on my LiteSpeed server), and page caching on Cloudflare. I like it because LiteSpeed keeps my pages cached as long as I want and will purge the server cache for updates. And APO will cache pages at Cloudflare for a little while, and purge it for updates.

When you activated APO, was the result good?
And a doubt:
Did you configure the Cloudflare API in the LiteSpeed ​​plugin and install the Clouflare plugin?

I’m using a Worker that does the same thing as APO. It’s very good.

I did not configure the Cloudflare API in LiteSpeed since I already have the Cloudflare plugin that purges the Cloudflare cache for me.


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