Other Wordpress Plugin or Cloudflare plugin for server push?

LH HTTP/2 Server Push – WordPress plugin | WordPress.org (or) [HTTP/2 Server Push] Support | WordPress.org (or) Cloudflare WordPress plugin as mentioned in this article - https://support.cloudflare.com/hc/en-us/articles/115002816808-How-do-I-enable-HTTP-2-Server-Push-in-WordPress?

I’m asking this because,
The description of ‘LH HTTP/2 Server Push’ plugin states;

"Server Push provides significant performance gains if used judiciously. However other WordPress plugins that handle server push can actually slow your site as they push files indiscrimentally.

Most push all files enqueued by wordpress to the broswer and use output buffering to achieve this.

However this plugin does it properly by only pushing the the assets that the browser requires for the initial user interaction. Namely the scripts and css in the head of the document."

The other plugin, ‘HTTP/2 Server Push’ seems to have issues with Cloudflare - Getting 520 errors with Cloudflare? Read this. | WordPress.org

Question 1: Please tell me which of the above Plugin should I use?

Question 2: I run WordPress blogs, post an article every 2 days. I also use Adsense. I have enabled browser TTL cache, should I also enable Edge TTL cache? Will this speed up my blog, will it affect Adsense earnings?

Another issue: There is no option to select '“Bypass Cache on Cookie” rule when creating a Page Rule.

Please kindly answer my questions.

I’ve used that second plugin before with no problems. It just didn’t seem to buy me much performance.

I’d definitely try both and see how it goes.

I’ve no experience with AdSense.

As for your final question, the Cookie option is for Business and Enterprise plans only.

Need a clarification:

The author of the 1st plugin claims that other Server Push plugins actually slows down the website. Cloudflare’s official plugin itself has the Server Push option and it also has other features.

Having too many plugins slows down a website. Does the plugin 1 and Cloudflare does the same job (or) the plugin 1 actually does it better?

The plugins aren’t identical. As I said, give them both (or all) a try and see how it goes. They’re easy to to delete if you don’t like them.