Other websites configured in Cloudflare being pointed to my website

There is a strange thing going on. Occasionally there is a “mix” of other cloudflare users’ account with my account. In these situations my links point to links from these other domains and these domains point to mine.

I couldn’t understand how this error worked, but when I flush the cache, the problem resolves itself.

This issue occurred twice (which I could see) and was not preceded by any cloudflare changes made by me.

Whats your domain and can you post a screenshot of the issue?

Our domain is noxcar.com.br

I don’t have the screenshot, but the domain is https://koishop.com.br and the https://casanovahomeware.brtloja.com.br/, who is also cloudflare’s user, are still pointing to out website. None of those are our domains.

Sometimes this mix generates bugs on our site.

So the issue is somebody displays your site under their domain?

That sounds somewhat similar to How block website mirror and you would need to make the same analysis.

How come? Whatever they are pointing to cant affect your own site. You need to provide reproducible examples, otherwise it is impossible to say anything.

The bug whas like this:
When the user entered our website thru noxcar.com.br, clicked on a link, the website sends him to koishop.com.br. In koishop the site was mirrored. Then i flushed the cache in Cloudflare, and these links stopped pointing to koishop.

Then it might be even an issue on your server.

Again, you need to have some reproducible.

Also, contact your host to clarify if they might host these domains and have some issue with their configuration.

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