Other website is opening

I am using hostinger domain and free cloudflare for security. But now, When I am opening my website then other website is opening which is unknown.

Check you have set the DNS records correctly in your account here…

What is the domain name and what do you expect to see on your page?

Check your account hasn’t been compromised and extra page/redirect rules added…

I have checked all DNS.
My domain name is miceducation.online
but when I am opening my website then aarizesco.com is opening.

I get a 403 page so maybe you have some WAF rules that are blocking me…
(also in browser)

I have removed WAF please check and help me

Your site is redirecting to DriveToWeb…

If this not something you set up, check for any unexpected redirects here…

If you find any that you didn’t create, your Cloudflare account has been compromised.

I didn’t created any redirect rule also there is no redirect rule is showing in cloudflare. I only created a page rule so that miceducation.online domain can be open with DRV.tw

I created a redirect url but also I have deleted that. But I redirected to ‘mice.eduitlearning.in’ not on aarizesco.com

Your site appears to be doing what you configured it to do then. I don’t see anything from the other site you referred to.

What A record are you using (since the site is redirecting, it won’t be used, but may have been before the redirect was in place)? Maybe that was pointing to the wrong place. The other site is registered with, but not hosted at, Hostinger as well…

which site is not hosted

“A” Record is used for miceducation.online
look the attached image

Is there any problem in DNS please help

That IP address doesn’t respond on port 80 or 443 for me. It doesn’t matter anyway, since you have a redirect to another site it isn’t used for connecting to a website. You need an A record there for the redirect to work. For redirects, the dummy value of is often used instead.

So, You mean I have to delete this A record and have to make new A record that’s IP will be dummy like
I want to redirect in mice.eduitlearning.in. what I have to de?

So, You mean I have to delete this A record and have to make new A record that’s IP will be dummy like
I want to redirect in mice.eduitlearning.in . what I have to de?

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