Other port than the default HTTP one for Cloudflare proxy

I have a webserver running on port 8880. As stated by Cloudflare (Identifying network ports compatible with Cloudflare's proxy – Cloudflare Help Center), the port 8880 is supported by Cloudflare. However, http://mydomain.com, https://mydomain.com and http://mydomain.com:8880 doesn’t work when Cloudflare is proxied.

When running up a webserver on port 80 the Cloudflare proxy works just fine both http:// and https://. Why?

May I ask is your Web server listening and running on 8880 port too, and therefore, HTTP only?

  • maybe you have wrong SSL options here, or Always Use HTTPS option enabled, or even Automatic HTTPS Rewrites option, which is doing the redirection from HTTP to HTTPS on a HTTP (8880) port?

What error do you get?

It sounds to me like you are using a Flexible SSL option?
Could you re-check please which one have you got selected and are you using under the SSL/TLS tab at Cloudflare dashboard for your domain?

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