Osterberg.eg is not a registered domain

Hi, i am trying to add a new domain.
But i got a message error: Domain is not a registered domain

the site is already registered: osterberg.eg is not a registered domain

Hi @hostingntegypt,

This #CommunityTip covers the error:

Hi @domjh
thanks for your message.
the domain is registered already, you can check it at:

And also, has a name server and DNS
Cloud you please check it and advice me, please


The issue is the first point in the linked post, the nameservers set are not valid. You can’t set Cloudflare’s nameservers before adding the site.

How can i fixed this issue now with a steps

You need to set valid nameservers for the domain, your domain registrar and/or web host may provide default nameservers to use, or you could use another service like dns.he.net if not. Once you have valid nameservers set, you can add the site to Cloudflare and change the nameservers to the ones given.


Hi @domjh
i did your steps and still have the same problem
i ready can not add my domain osterberg.eg to my account at cloudflare.com

any advice, please.

You still haven’t set valid nameservers for your domain as I mentioned two weeks ago. You have added two random Cloudflare nameservers which won’t work. You need to set valid nameservers, then add the domain to Cloudflare, then set the nameservers given by Cloudflare.

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