Origins number limit per account?

We have 40+ websites in Cloudflare account, we use load balancers for some of them and I see the following in “Traffic - Load balacing”:

You have used 6 of 20 Load Balancers included in your plan.
You have used 6 of 20 Pools included in your plan.
You have used 18 of 18 Origins included in your plan.

Does it mean that the limit of 20 origins is per account? Or per domain/website? I tried to search this information but it is not clear.

Are we able to get more than 20 origins in total for multimple unrelates websites when they have Pro subscription?

The limit of 20 origins is per account, not per domain/zone. For more than 20 origins, you need to contact Cloudflare Sales for an Enterprise plan. If the websites share the same origin servers, you can create a Load Balancer in one of the zones and point the other domains to that Load Balancer with a CNAME record.

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What logical sense does such a restriction make? I have many websites, each has its own origins. I don’t want one balancer with 20+ origins, but multiple balancers with 3-5 origins. Why I can’t do that within one account (with multiple Pro subscriptions)? Do I have to move some websites to another account to bypass the limit?

None that I can think of. It is an arbitrary limitation put in place to get you to upgrade to Enterprise.

Load Balancing is an account subscription independent of zone plans. You do not need Pro to use Load Balancing.

Possibly. Though I would recommend first reaching out to sales and asking if there is an option of simply paying for more origins: