Original Visitor IPs Missing

I have been restoring original visitor IPs using this guide:

It worked well until some time ago.

Now, in WHM Apache Status as well as the Apache logs I only see Cloudflare IPs.

Along these lines the command grep "CF-Connecting-IP" /etc/apache2/logs/access_log has no results.

Please advice

You wouldn’t normally expect to see the string CF-Connecting-IP in the Apache logs. Have you reviewed your Apache configuration files?

Yes, I reviewed all I could.

Does that mean there are some configuration files that you could not review?

Is mod_remoteip still enabled?

Does it still contain the Cloudflare IPs in its config file?

Is the log file directive still configured to reference the correct values?


It is solved now, thanks a lot!


Hi @markmuppch,

If you could post the solution, it could help future users to see what the might have missed, similarly to what you figured out.

Thank you for building our Community, and thank you @epic.network for helping so quickly!

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