Original plain page after using URL rewrite rule

I’m using a country-specific URL rewrite rule. But when I access it, the page is without any formatting (background color, color, size, font spacing, etc). Does anyone know how I can resolve this?

here is the example of how the page looks.

It’s possible that related assets aren’t loading due to a path change or another issue. You can use the developer tools to figure out what isn’t loading:

Inspect network activity - Chrome Developers.


I noticed that it has these errors, but I don’t know where to start to solve it. Any suggestion?


Check the plugins you are using, update them, remove that are deprecated.

I did it. But unfortunately it didn’t.

Check the css files & related plugins if any used.

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all files load with status 200.

The original page loads perfectly, it only gives a problem when I use that same page in the url rewrite. It seems to me that Cloudflare is not loading and applying the file responsible for formatting…