Original IP adress IIS 7.5



I’ve tried to install the HttpModule as stated here:

However, this line did not do well since all I found was that it showed me a file with a script inside it?

C:\HttpModules\> .\Install-XFF.ps1 -cmd install -module_path c:\HttpModules\F5XFFHttpModule.dll

So I installed it using this command line:
%windir%\system32\inetsrv\appcmd.exe install module /name:httpModule /image:C:\httpModules\F5XFFHttpModule.dll

The module is added OK and then showing up under IIS module.
However, the module does not seem to work since I don’t get the original IPadress in the Request.ServerVariables(REMOTE_ADDR)

Is there anything I’ve missed?

Best regards
Fredrik and Per

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