Origin Weight

Hello, new Cloudflare using here, coming from another CDN/WAF. I set up a couple test servers before deciding about going live with CF. I set up a load balancing test, and seems simple enough and working but I am confused about weights. The help file says that 0 means it will be health checked but get no traffic, and then from .01 to 1.0 is allowed. But suppose I want 100% of traffic to go to server A but configure server B as a standby backup receiving no traffic, unless A fails. Will a “0” serve that purpose, or will it literally receive no traffic even if no other origin is available?

Related question is, I setup sticky sessions with a 12 hour cookie life. If some unfortunate user is typing away 12 hours continuously, will the load balancer possibly choose a new server or will it be kind enough to let the session idle for a while at least and not dump an active user?


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