Origin website registration relies on requests coming from single IP address

I am working with a client where we had enabled Cloudflare in front of their website. They recently discovered some of their users were unable to register for a new account on their site. it seems this was due to a design in their registration process which relies on the new user registering from a single IP address (not sure but perhaps this also done for security purposes). As they were moving between different pages during the registration process (e.g. one page would be where they would set answers for security questions), the origin server was seeing requests alternating between the two Cloudflare IP address and as a result the registration would fail. is there a way in Cloudflare to ensure the same Cloudflare IP address is used when the requests go onto the origin server? perhaps a page rule that could be used to ensure all registration requests (e.g. coming from mywebsite.com/user/registration* )?

Your server needs to be configured to pull the actual Visitor IP address from the headers.

Here’s a general article on how that works:

Thanks @sdayman - I will take a look at this.

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