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I used Cloudflare to create my domain name & SSL certificate. I am going through Cloudflare’s tutorial on SSL certificates. On step 2.1 it tells you to add your certificate to the origin web server. However, isn’t that Cloudflare? I’m confused, it doesn’t clarify. I also don’t understand the next step either, it tells you to update your web server configuration… which should also be Cloudflare, but it is not listed in the options. Am I supposed to skip this step? Is it already taken care of seeing as I got my domain name and certificate through Cloudflare? Are these steps only applicable if you’re domain was created through another site?

As you can see on the screenshot, my certificate is already listed on Cloudflare (where I created it) so I’m assuming the entire 2nd step of their SSL tutorial only applies to those who have created their domains through another website.

Unless you’re building your site using workers or pages you need an origin server to host your content. It appears you’re pointing to cloudfront directly (unproxied) so a Cloudflare origin server cert isn’t appropriate/necessary.

I’m not sure I understand what you meant. I am only using Cloudflare for a domain name to send emails through systeme (another website for sending emails & creating funnels), I don’t have an actual website of my own. Was the certificate unnecessary?

If you don’t have a web server you don’t need a certificate for it.

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