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I have a question about HTTP/HTTPS and Origin SSL certificate. If I install Origin SSL (from Cloudflare to my web server) can I use both HTTP and HTTPS from Cloudflare to my web server?

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Your question is not very clear.

If you want to use HTTPS you will need to install a certificate on your server in any case. That can be an Origin certificate as well, however it will only be valid in a Cloudflare context, which means you will need to have the records in question to be proxied.

Sandro, hi.

This is the situation. My web site is currently not working properly when you try to reach it by HTTPS (some parts of web site). But some parts are working properly. My question is, can I install an Origin SSL certificate and use HTTPS for some parts of my website and HTTP for the other part at the same time?

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You generally dont mix HTTP and HTTPS. If you want to use HTTPS you need to have everything on it. Just install any valid certificate (Origin will work in a Cloudflare context too) and you are good to go.

Thank you, Sandro!

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