Origin ssl cert not renewed anymore?


My domain appylar.com is not having its origin certificate automatically renewed anymore. It has been working for the last year but suddenly it stopped automatic renewal.

Unfortunately I cannot include screenshot here for some reason (gives me error) but basically we’ve had the certificate renew itself every 4th day for about the last year.

We are running in kubernetes with the cloudflare issuer. How can I debug this further?

Sorry for the formatting. It was not letting me create the post cause it was complaining about links that I couldnt include (but there are no links in the content, but anyway…)

Do you mean Edge / Universal SSL certificates? As far as I know, the Origin CA certificates have never auto-renewed.

I would recommend making an issue on GitHub - cloudflare/origin-ca-issuer. It could be something like the API token expired, which caused the cert-manager to not be able to get new certificates.

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For us, it was the Origin CA Key expiring. We updated the Origin CA Key for our Origin CA Issuer and deleted the old certificates, causing new valid certificates to be created. I have an issue requesting some kind of notification when Origin Ca Keys are about to expire or that Origin CA Keys don’t expire unexpectedly like this.

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