Origin Server SSL Created and attached to ISPManager but not working

Origin Server SSL was created and attached to ISPManager but not working. What is the solution to fix this issue?

Pause Cloudflare and verify that you are getting the Origin certificate. If you don’t, it’s not properly configured and you need to talk to your host.

I use a VPS server without support. I configured everything based on the documentation.

I am sure the Cloudflare is connected to my site because I use Cloudflare DNS for my domain.

So did you get the Origin certificate when you paused Cloudflare?

I paused Cloudflare and I don’t know how to check do i get origin certificate. Can you guide me on how can I do that?

What’s the domain?

ficastle .com

I am afraid the server does not respond to HTTPS at all - sitemeer.com/#https://ficastle.com

You first need to get that working.

I always used managed server and didn’t faced with unmanaged server. I don’t know how to make server to respond to HTTPs. I am using ISP Manager.

Unfortunately server administration is off-topic for here and that’s best discussed at StackExchange or Reddit.

Generally I would recommend to use an unmanaged service only once you are familiar with it. You can get the experience with a local setup as well. So if you do not feel comfortable with it, the managed service might be better for now.

You are right, but I want to learn. This is why I am using Cloudflare and unmanaged server.

Also it is very important for me to fix this issue. This will help me alone.

That’s absolutely fine and great, but it’s best to learn with a local setup, also because that’s free and you won’t need Cloudflare in that context.

So I would set up a local virtual machine and install the desired software. Then once you are familar with it, you can properly configure your actual server.

As mentioned, server administration is unfortunately off-topic here.

Thank you. I didn’t use HTTPs in local server but I used it in other server online. Ok if this is server problem then I will ask other sources for the answer.

Yes, I am afraid that is purely a server issue because the server is not configured for SSL and does not return the certificate, hence it cannot work. You need to fix that first, maybe ask in a forum related to the software you are using.

Once that works fine, it will also work on Cloudflare.

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