Origin server SSL certificate but different hostname


i uploaded a custom edge SSL certificate for our domain which is protected on cloudflare. Now i see we have not uploaded origin server certificate (the server itself has it on plesk). But our server hostname and certificate for it (because server hostname is different.differentdomain.com) has a different name. That will not cause any issues? SO i just take the differentdomain.com certificate (the line from .ca? not. ca-bundle).


Origin certificates won’t have the name in the CN but in the SANs instead.

There, the name has to match your domain or - in case of a CNAME record - at least the name of the host used for the CNAME record.


Dont quite understand. I have a server which hostname is n.servername.com. This server is secured in plesk with SSL so i login to https://n.servername.com:8443. This server runs multiple domains. Also (servername.com which is not secured in cloudflare).

One domain domain1.com is protected in cloudflare. I have installed my own custom EDGE SSL certificate.

I need to install the Origin certificate also. The origin certificate however (because server hostname is n.servername. com) has a different domain name. Does that make any difference or cause issues? I just take my n.servername. com SSL cert and copy data from there? Or download it from plesk.


Your setup is not quite clear to me I am afraid, but the bottom line is it is best to have Cloudflare originally paused and make sure things load fine without Cloudflare and only then add Cloudflare.

And whatever certificate you get issued, it has to match the involved hostnames.

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