Origin server location influence on performance

Have a question regarding my setup.

My server is in Europe while most of the users are in North America. I’m using CloudFlare, but have an issue with my Google Analytics showing some pages took 2-5 seconds to load.

The issue seems to be with images. They’re optimized and converted to WebP, but the cache is not hiting them, the cf-cache-status is EXPIRED.

Wanted to ask if getting a server in North America would speed things up since the CloudFlare edge servers would be closer to the origin server? Or would the difference in performance be negligible?

Perhaps there is a way to increase the caching of images? I have set a page role for whole page caching as www.domain.com/* Cache-level: Everything.

For increasing the Hit rate for images you could do that in multiple ways:

  1. Go for file extensions liks “jpg”, “png”, “webp”, “avif”
  2. If all images actually are in one folder you could apply the page rule to the folder like:

And if you want to increase the time the files stay in cache you actually should set the:
Edge Cache TTL to as high as you can (Free Plan = 1 Month)
Browser Cache TTL (1 year)

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