Origin server already in China, how to set Cloudflare CDN for everywhere except China

Origin server already in China, how to set Cloudflare CDN for everywhere except China

My site is hosted in China, so the nameservers are based there as well.
I would be interested to use Cloudflare CDN for the whole world except China. How to modify the settings?

I didn’t and not planning to open the Cloudflare service in China at the moment.

While I was setting up the domain on Cloudflare, I was asked my nameservers to be changed to Cloudflare’s nameservers. If I do so, does that means if people visit the site in China, they will be redirect to the closest Cloudflare server outside of China, thus making it slow in China?
Could a firewall filter (or else) bypass Cloudflare if the visitor is in China?

Thanks in advance for the replies :pray:

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I wanted to do similar things, but this doesn’t seem possible below Enterprise Plan.

I have origin server in Seattle with good connectivity to China and USA, and I want to activate Cloudflare to improve speeds to Europe and Africa.

The closest solution might be:

  • Use CNAME setup for Cloudflare CDN, which requires Business Plan.
  • Run a custom name server that answers the Cloudflare CNAME to non-China and answers A+AAAA to China.

(I can’t afford Business Plan so I didn’t try this)

Thanks Sunny. Unfortunately, my case is the other way around.

ticket number 2268912 @MoreHelp

Read my last message carefully: the same idea applies.

Thanks for the follow-up. I’m also trying a solution without Entreprise/Business plan, and didn’t quite understand the A+AAAA to China part.

A quick clarification, if I change my nameservers to the Cloudflare’s ones what happens when a client access my website within China? He will be redirect to Cloudflare servers outside of China or Cloudflare will not forward to the closed server outside of China, and instead will let the client access the origin server?

If you put your domain on Cloudflare name server with :orange: , visitors in China will connect to Cloudflare CDN, usually in Japan or California USA unless you pay for Enterprise Plan.

You can, of course, use two separate domains.
I used to have yoursunny.cn for China and yoursunny.com for international serving same content with redirects based on client IP, but I got rid of this setup in 2011 to reduce complexity.

Understood! Thank you very much Sunny, much appreciated :pray:

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