Origin rule for subdomen

How i can create origin rule for subdomen to direct port? If user put test.exmaple.ru he must be redirected to test.exmaple.ru:8080.Thank you!

I connected domain to Cloudflare.
Can you please help me to create origin rule for subdomen.
If user goes to address test . example . com he must be redericted to test . example:8080
Thank you!

Any ideas?

Cloudflare already listens on port 8080 (http only, not https).

If your origin is only listening on port 8080, then you can set an origin rule to tell the Cloudflare proxy to connect to that port.

As port 8080 is usually an alternate for http, not https, just watch you aren’t getting redirections to https for test inside Cloudflare. You may also need to set a configuration rule to set the SSL mode to flexible for the test subdomain depending on what you have in place.

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