Origin returned 404 HTTP status code

Ive just implemented CDN images on a sie, using cdn-cgi/image/

Its working well, and Im seeing the results, in terms of the file size saved, and number of images served.

However, at the bottom is an error which says

Origin returned 404 HTTP status code - Count 650

There is no further logs, or indication of the source.

Its sounds like CF is saying that 650 images couldn’t be optimised because they 404d.

I cant find any broken image URLs on my site, and third party audit tools arent showing anything. I use semrush, and this specifically checks broken image links.

Does anyone know how I can diagnose this list of 650 404 errors?

Thank you.


If you edit your original post and pick as category Developers > Images, it will increase your chances of a faster response.

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Thank you, but that link doesnt help resolve where the 404 errors are coming from.

Thank you, done.

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Then try temporarily pausing Cloudflare from the dashboard! By doing so, you will tell if Cloudflare is the cause or not! If the issue persists with Cloudflare paused, the issue is NOT with CF!


Thank you. Sorry Im not quite understand the proposed solution here.

The website itself isn’t experiencing any problem (without or without Cloudflare).

The issue is Cloudflare reporting hundreds of 404s regards to images. But no indication of which images/where.

link to error message on Cloudflare


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