Origin Monitoring & Downloading 5xx error logs

Recently my origin webserver went down (unreachable) for about 2 hrs or so, due to some issues at my web hosting provider. I came to know about it only by chance when browsing my website. As soon as I found this, I raised a complaint with my web hosting provider and they fixed the issue from their end.

  1. I had already setup email notifications for “Passive Origin Monitoring” in my CF > Notifications. But I never received any emails for the above downtime ? Has anyone received emails of downtime sent by CF to them when their origin server becomes unreachable/5xx errors ? What is the monitoring frequency/config of these checks and when does it send out emails ? In my case, it did not work. Any ideas what happened ? How to make this work ?

  2. How can I download the 5xx errors log from my Cloudflare dashboard ? I can see the 5xx error analytics in CF > Account Analytics. But there is no option to download the 5xx error logs. How to download these ?

Please advise.

I’m not aware of these being stored for you to download in any way.

Enterprise customers have access to Logpush - https://developers.cloudflare.com/logs/about/

Oh ok. Actually I am planning to claim refund from my hosting provider for the long downtimes. For that I would need an official authentic email from Cloudflare with details of the 5xx downtimes for my origin server. Can this be provided by the Cloudflare team ?