Origin is unreachable

I’ve come to the error 523.
vps can be pinged from outside.
vps can ping any address.
vps has nginx and a web service, both worked until yesterday.
url is ‘api.samincoin.com’.

also traceroute from inside of vps through any of cloudflare IPs is totally ok.

thanks for the response,
I’ve seen this page before asking the question. it couldn’t solve my problem, every factor mentioned in that post has been checked and tried but nothing changed.
it is a very wierd issue.

And if you toggle that :orange: Proxied record to :grey: DNS Only (wait five minutes to take effect), does it work?

I tested it,
when on ‘DNS Only’ this returns ‘api.samincoin.com took too long to respond.’
when on Proxied this returns ‘Error 523

That’s interesting. The :orange: 523 is immediate, but the :grey: connection takes a while to fail. Both are using HTTPS?

Certainly you’ll have to fix the timeout at the origin for starters.

exactly, maybe I explain vaguely.
523 response arrives immediately, but ‘DNS Only’ response take a long time to appear.

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