"Origin is unreachable Error code 523" w/ a Google Sites Host, only the naked/apex domain fails

I’m getting the following error:
Origin is unreachable Error code 523
… but only when the naked/apex domain is used.
The plain domain fails, but adding the www. prefix will work.

The site is hosted at the New Google Sites system.

Every effort I have made to sort this out using CF Documentation, or the CF Community (past postings), and web searches has failed. (I find that I am unable to process the solutions offered.)

I have set up naked/apex domains in the past using cPanel at a typical host with no problem (but cannot recall now how I did it).

When the “club” I represent decided to drop the paid hosting (with the cPanel feature), our apex domain stopped working. Cloudflare was offered as a solution. I have been in “scramble” mode ever since, (now) spending way to many hours (over several weeks) on this, trying to locate the fix.

I have (finally) managed to get the full domain (w/ the www. prefix) to work on CF, but the solution for the naked domain is eluding me. (I sense that the solution is simple, probably a DNS record correction.)

I am completely stumped at the moment, and very frustrated (because I cannot seem to locate or interpret the solution myself (as I have usually been able to do in the past).


The A record points to, a dummy IP that won’t go anywhere and should be covered by a redirect (likely to the www host) by a page rule or redirect rule.

Check the rule hasn’t been deleted or disabled…


Thank you!
I suspected that a redirect was the solution, but did not understand how to do that with the CF system.
I will try that.

I setup a redirect rule:

… but now when I visit <socontra[dot]org> I get the error message:
This page isn’t working
socontra[dot]org redirected you too many times.
Try deleting your cookies.
… I have seen this before… but once again am unable to untangle the solution.

Check you are using Full (strict) in the dashboard here…

(at the moment I’m getting a timeout rather than too many redirects, have you disabled the rule?).

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I did (temporarily) disable the rule because even <www[dot]socontra[dot]org> started generating an error, completely disabling the site (even in a new “incognito” window).
… I have now “enabled” it again for this troubleshooting sequence.

I am using: “SSL/TLS encryption mode is Full (strict)”

Enter the static URL redirect as https://www.socontra.org

At the moment the redirect is being appended…


You (and this “Community” system) are AMAZING!
That seems to complete the “fix” sequence.

Many Many THANKS! (on behalf of myself, and my club community.

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