Origin IP is on a blocklist: can I route through Cloudflare?

I have been contacted by someone with a website on shared hosting elsewhere, with non-Cloudflare DNS. The IP address for the A record is showing up on a blocklist and email delivery is affected. If I were to change their nameservers to Cloudflare so that the origin IP is not exposed, would this potentially solve their problem? Would this move introduce any new issues?

It would not. Cloudflare does not proxy outbound email service, which means that their listed IP would still be the origin of their outbound email connections. The best course of action would be to contract outbound email to a reputable email provider who takes care of their IP address reputation. This could be as simple as using a smarthost or a transactional service provider,

Thank you for the reply. I’m not sure my question was clear enough. According to what I’m being told, it’s the A record (the website IP) that is on the blocklist, not the MX record, and they’re suggesting that is what is causing troubles with email delivery. My thought was that having the A record show a Cloudflare IP rather than the origin IP would help. Does this change your opinion? Thanks again.

It does not. If you :search: the Community, you will find posts where someone has found a Cloudflare IP on a blocklist and decided that is the source of their email delivery issues. It typically is not. You are probably going to need to engage with an email deliverability specialist that is more qualified than whoever you are currently working with, no disrespect intended to that party.

Of course it will cost you next to nothing to test the recommendation of using the Cloudflare proxy, and there is no shortage of valid reasons to use Cloudflare, so it might be worth be worth trying anyway, as long as you are willing to put in the time and effort. I just want you to be prepared if it turns out not to be a panacea.

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