Origin IP exposed on Public DNS records... What am I doing wrong?

Hi everyone. I know this topic has been covered quite extensively and plenty of instructions out there on how to set this up properly and I have followed everything as well as I could. But for reasons unknown to me, the IP address, IP host and location of origin server is still being revealed in public dns records when I perform a look up. Nameservers however, are the correctly assigned cloudflare nameservers. It has been 5 days since I have proxied (orange-clouded) the A record pointing to origin ip and cname to domain. What else could be the issue here? Does it normally take this long for public dns records to update globally? Any help would be much appreciated!

Is your zone Active on Cloudflare? On the overview page does it say Cloudflare is paused?

It is not paused. Could it be that I’m missing an A record for mail.mydomain.com pointing to the origin IP and proxied? Is that record necessary if I am not using the same server to host email?

You have a single domain on Cloudflare. It was added in 2019. It doesn’t match the domain in your screenshot. The domain in your account’s :orange: records resolve to Cloudflare IPs as expected.

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Yes correct the domain in the screenshot is not the domain in question. Sorry for the confusion I’m just not revealing the actual domain that is on the account also due to origin IP being exposed at the moment. The issue I am having is when I do lookup on whois.domaintools.com it is still listing the origin IP, host and location of server

If the zone isn’t active or paused then an orange clouded record will return a Cloudflare IP.

whois.domaintools.com isn’t a tool to lookup a host name and IP address. I just looked up a website of mine and it has an address listed there which is no longer in use, but might have been at some point. Waiting for it to update some information it cached to validate whether or not Cloudflare is working isn’t a valid test.

dig www.example.com - Is it a Cloudflare IP address? If so, Cloudflare is working.

I suspect this might be the case as well where it hasn’t been updated. I’ll just go ahead and change the IP address now as opposed to waiting for it to update. Thank you.

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