Origin IP exposed for proxied record (before NS change)


I am in the process of migrating a Domain from someone else CloudFlare account to mine, so zones are currently configured in both accounts, but NS servers are still pointing to the old one.
The zones configuration has been transferred using terraform, so it should be identical in both accounts. I verified that the record in question is configured as “proxying”.

The nameserver of the old account returns Cloudflares Proxy IPs as expected

dig +short @lars.ns.cloudflare.com A example.com

But the new accounts Nameserver still returns the origin IP

dig +short @brenda.ns.cloudflare.com A example.com

is that to be expected? Will it change automatically when NS records change or do I need to configure something else?

In case someone finds this in the future: Cloudflare support said that this behaviour is intentional:

During the setup phase of a new domain (in this case this is a new domain as it’s being added to a new account), we keep the records grey-clouded until the migration is complete.
We do it this way to ensure that during the migration for new customers does not impact their site availability.

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