Origin Error without www

I’m facing an original Error for the domain jobspik.info whenever I search this domain without www it shows Origin Error now I’m confused about how to solve this issue and also my website is connected with ezoic. Any expert here kindly guides me with this issue to be solved soon.

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In DNS settings,
you must create a CNAME record with www
pointing to your domain.

Make the changes and wait 5-10 minutes to visit the site and it should work.

If it doesn’t work, you should clear your browser’s cache so that it doesn’t take the website as invalid or, failing that, refresh the DNS on your Windows terminal or the operating system you use. The fact is that this won’t happen to others, it’s just until your browser recognizes the new route.

I hope I have helped you, a hug.

P.S.: Sorry for my English.

Origin Error without www

Audit your DNS records.

For jobspik.info, you have three A records pointed to to different AWS IP addresses.

But for www.jobspik.info you have the three A records pointed to the same AWS IP address, as well as a CNAME record pointed to g.ezoic.net

So there’s definitely a discrepancy between the two.

Confirm with Ezoic what DNS records you need for your domain to work on their platform.

I’m not super familiar with their platform, but I guess this will depend on whether you’re hosting your website with them, or you’re hosting your site elsewhere and merely using their programmatic ads service to serve ads on your site.

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