Origin DNS error

Multiple websites using cloud flare is getting an Origin DNS error when trying to load them. Also the Cloudflare plugin for cPanel is down so we can’t even disable Cloudflare to work around the issue. Is there an outage going on?

If you post your website or a page where the error is showing up, we can help work through it quicker. You can also see some general tips at Community Tip - Fixing Error: 530 / Error: 1016 Origin DNS Error.

You should still be able to disable the proxying for a record in the actual dashboard.

A sample page is zenetec.com, thanks for the quick reply.

Was this setup via a hosting partner? The nameservers don’t point to Cloudflare like they do when you sign up via the main website.

$ dig NS zenetec.com +short

Yeah it was setup using our cPanel, and that’s is what can’t load the Cloudflare either.

I will add it was working just fine up until about 3:29EST this afternoon. No one would have changed any settings to cause this.

Looks like your host’s DNS servers aren’t responding (at least to Cloudflare). I recommend you open up a support ticket with them.

One interesting find is that the OVH server is returning ‘account suspended’ for that nameserver domain act-dev.com

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