Origin DNS Error?

https://www..duckdns.org/ (main website is online) -> https://www..net/ (Origin Error)
has been working with these settings for about 1 year already.
I don’t know why this happened today.
We did not make any changes to my VPS server or domain, or even the Cloudflare DNS table, and they all look fine, but I cannot access my *.NET site. (main site is duckdns and it is open so there shouldn’t be a problem)

I don’t know, but VPS is online and duckdns are active in it. You can even log in to my website with duckdns, but I don’t know why *.net is offline.

Same here with Duckdns. just started happening to me, it’s been on and off all day.

the problem seems to have improved.
It recovered spontaneously.

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